download mp3 Chidinma – Love [New Song]

download mp3 Chidinma – Love [New Song]


Chidinma – Love. Chidinma releases a new single titled “Love Me.” It is one

to spark up her fans emotions.


In ‘Love Me’, Chidinma professes the depth of her love to “My love and my

life and my best friend.” She follows the profession with a request to be loved

in return, “Love me like you’ve never loved anyone”, she sings. The song is

so heartfelt that Chidima interchanges English and her native Igbo, to ensure

her message is felt and understood.


Produced by Oscar, Love Me is a mid-tempo song that incorporates

contemporary Igbo string and percussion sounds. It is made for anyone that

has ever found love and joy in the eyes of another.


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